What Others Say About Viktoria


C Myers, mum of two

It's great to have a flexible workout schedule and the half hour slots are very easy to fit into a busy day!


Viki gives excellent support all the way through the programme on both the exercise and the sensible eating patterns to maximise on results. She uses a good variety of exercises in order to keep you motivated.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Viki - she is easy going, supportive and fun to work with. In fact I have recommended her to a number of people already.


L Fuller, mum of two

I want to thank Viki for all of her amazing support during the Stroke Association 5k run in Regents Park! I couldn't have done it without her! Her patience, advice and encouragement over the months and today have been motivating and highly appreciated. Basically, she is a star!

C Thuresson, mother of one

After my daughter was born four years ago, I didn’t feel very good about myself. As a result I stopped exercising and comfort ate a lot. One day I received an email from Viktoria, offering a free half an hour training session and I couldn’t say no to this offer. It was the best decision I have ever made as Viktoria is now my Personal Trainer!


I am finally starting to feel good about myself again and I feel so much happier and at ease. With Viktoria’s help I have started to enjoy exercising regularly and eating healthy & nutritional food with a smile on my face and my weight is steadily going down. I base my training & eating pattern on Viktoria’s philosoph and I am confident that I will keep my goal weight when I reach it - it's become a way of life for me. Who can say no to such a fantastic opportunity?

Ana, mother of two

Viktoria is an outstanding personal trainer who has introduced me to exercise after pregnancy in a truly gentle but highly effective way. Her sessions are fun, enjoyable but also hard work! Viktoria has designed a programme of training which fits into my busy family life, giving me confidence and motivation to undertake exercise even outside our regular sessions. Viktoria's training and nutritional advice has also been key in helping me regain my pre-pregnancy weight. More importanly, she has inspired me to now see exercise as part of my lifestyle, as an essential element contributing towards my physical and mental wellbeing.



N Baird, mother of two

Over the last 3 months I have been going to Viki's class on a Monday morning to try and get back into shape after baby number 2. It's great for me as I can bring my two children along to the class and they play with other kids there, and I get an hour of hands on training from Viki.


Viki tailors the exercises to fit your specific needs depending on your goals, and she makes the class fun and welcoming. Viki is a mum, so she understands the challenges of post natal exercise. She is a great help in getting you to exercise within your limits - while she pushes you towards achieving your goals. The class is also nice social way of getting back into fitness after having a family.


Viki has given me the boost I needed and has motivated me to want to exercise again (no easy task!). The changes I have seen I wouldn't have achieved from going it alone in the gym. Viki's friendly approach makes me feel very comfortable in the training environment and we all have a laugh, which makes the sessions fun and never a chore.


R Rowland, mother of one

Having never done an exercise class like this before I was a bit nervous about joining Viki's class. However, from the first week she made me feel very welcome and explains all the different exercises fully, making sure we are comfortable with what we are doing. She has recognised which areas of my body needs work and targets exercises for this. 


It is brilliant that I am able to take my daughter to the class with me as I find it hard to find time to exercise with her. This is the first class I have found where I can take my daughter without having to be a member of a gym. She also enjoys coming with me and has great fun with any other children who are there. I finally feel as though I am getting a bit fitter although it is hard work! I have met some other lovely like-minded mums which has made the time spent exercising much more enjoyable!